A Definitive Guide To Framing Your Favorite Movie Poster

Witnessed by most simply in a few words in the movie theatre lobby, movie posters are truly an incredibly admired collectible. Passionate collectors look for low and high for vintage movie posters to proudly exhibit – or occasionally keep hidden away safe and sound in storage – taking care not to spoil these sometimes precious pieces.

However, if you are a new poster collector or would purely wish to perk up your skills to look after and put your collection on show, do not miss to follow our quick guide to movie poster frames.

Opting for the right framing material

When it comes to selecting the right framing material, you can get a complete spectrum for photo framing in Chandigarh. Let’s take a quick look here.

Backing Board

Although a standard foam board can be used with decorative movie posters since it is lightweight and sturdy. For valuable or vintage posters, a long-lasting MDF board is often used.  Some poster collectors framing extremely valuable posters count on using this material because of its water repellency and rigidity.

A lot like any other precious artwork, movie posters must not be dry mounted, if not, it is a replaceable poster you don’t mind irrevocably damaging. If you have to mount the movie poster, hiring at the top of the backing board using a reversible mounting approach is favored.

Matt & Glossy Finish

Even though it is not normally practiced for a movie poster or photo framing in Sector 34, however, adding a matt finish facilitates to keep the poster away from the frame and hold the piece in place. If you’d rather not use matt board but are framing extremely big posters, picture frame spaces can be used in order to keep the poster from touching the frame.

However, when it comes to glossy, there are several benefits such as you can even wipe the photo using a damp cloth, and it will not be damaged at all. Glossy photos are shiny and give an elegant glare to the finished product.


Plastic-fiber Framing

When it comes to the most promising or longer lasting photo framing, wood or metal frames were preferred to be the most useful. However, these days, plastic-fiber framing is being used in order to make the product durable. You can always opt for such frames if you’re specifically worried regarding the poster coming into contact with wood. The majority of movie posters are conventionally framed in thinner profiles, but the aesthetics of the frame is completely up to you.


Either glass or acrylic glazing works wonders in a movie poster frame. For vintage posters, UV-filter acrylic or art glass UV-filter glass type of glazing is used in order to save the harm from UV damage.

An additional area of worry may be the size. A lot of movie posters are big  and, if not handled properly, the heavy glass can easily break. If you can plan to ship or often move the poster after it being framed, acrylic may possibly be a smart option.

Movie posters collectors can be zealous on the subject of their prized ownerships – and that sort of enthusiasm is worthy of the correct frame. Rather than putting the posters on show in cheap, off-the-shelf frames, opt for a poster frame that is made to exhibit the collection with pride. Do not miss to check out the collection of photo framing in Chandigarh available at Romana Photo Framing.

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