All About Caring For The Photo Frames

Your wonderful photo, you love it so much you got custom photo framing, which is appreciated. At times, we find individuals are not really certain regarding taking care for their new acquisition, so we created a little list that might make caring for the photo frame easier and hassle free, after all, you would like to look after your new investment, right?

Hang It

  • In the middle please – That is apparent in a lot of circumstances, measure twice, and nail in the hanger just the once.
  • Is that the correct height? – On a wall on its own with no furniture in front, the piece is supposed to be hung at eye level. The majority of museums set that at 1550 mm up from the floor. If you have furniture in the way then dwell on the height and if other things will be put on the furniture that may obstruct the artwork from being able to be seen.
  • One nail or two? – Use a custom photo framing hook rated to above the weight of your picture is good, if the frame is wide or in an area where there may be a breeze that can move it, consider using two hooks about 200 mm apart to make sure the horizontal stability.
  • Wall Studs – It is ideal if you can find a wall stud in order to nail the hanger into, but often it’s not very important. However, it comes out to be imperative if the piece is heavy.
  • Do not let go! – If the thing you hang the artwork on allows to go, then there can be an expensive mess to sort out. These days there is a complete range of devices that the manufacturer will let you know and can hold the work up without having to put holes in the walls. That is perfectly nice, but from the perspective of the experts for photo framing in Chandigarh, we get annoyed that too many of these nice ideas fail. Possibly, not the product itself, but the paint on the wall may not have been cleaned well, the paint may not have dried enough, particularly in a new home, and the list goes on. A crash, bang shatter at 2 AM is not good, more nastiness. It can scare the heck out of kids, the dog, maybe the cat too.
  • How high? – Museums hang the majority of glass photo frames at 1550 mm up from the floor to an average eye height to the middle of the work, in some situations, you might be taller, have other furnishings in the way or you have a statement piece that will hang on a high wall. No matter what the reason is, you will most likely aim for consistency with the height for most pieces. Measure twice and nail once.

Clean It

  • It looks great hanging on the wall – We know you love the family photo frame. In the fullness of time, dust can certainly settle on it, so make use of a light duster in order to keep the dust moving on. That is usually all that is required.
  • Glass cleaner – Somehow you discover that the glass on the artwork is a bit greasy, consider using a cloth and spray the glass cleaner on to the cloth, not on to the glass itself. This helps to prevent moisture from getting to the inside of the frame and causing water damage, usually on the bottom edge where the water has run down the glass. Consider taking the item off the wall for cleaning so that any movement of the frame does not leave a scuff mark on your wall.

This is not a definitive guide but hopefully a solid starting point to solving the challenges of looking after your custom photo frame, either in the short ride home or in long term storage.

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