All About Exhibiting A Photography Or An Artwork

For centuries now, people have been exhibiting their artwork, and reasons behind exhibiting photography, or any other piece of artwork, can vary from person to person. Undoubtedly, these days, selling artwork is not easy. And, if your only motive for exhibiting is to sell some, then you need to ensure that your masterpiece looks exclusive, which is possible in many ways. One of them is getting elite photo frames for exhibition from a reputed service provider. The following are several things to consider while exhibiting your artwork:

Costs & Budgeting

Exhibitions aren’t economical and before you make a decision to have one there’re several things you need to consider. The space you have to exhibit plays a crucial role when it comes to framing photographs or paintings for exhibition. You even need to consider what other expenses will there be and the number of frames you can display, in addition to what will the reproduction outlays cost.


Solo Or Group Exhibition

Solo or Group Exhibition

Solos exhibitions are extraordinary and eventually what every artist would like to have their own display. Alternatively, for the majority of artists group exhibitions are a wonderful approach to get their feet wet and begin building artists’ CV. Some galleries have specific dimensions for exhibition photo printing that you need to take into consideration. It must not be surpassed.

Where to Display

This could be an endless list, but the most common places include galleries that focus on the artwork, restaurants or cafes that like to have displays featuring diverse artwork on their walls. When it comes to cafes or restaurants, they usually get the masterpiece and get it framed depending on the type of wall and the place it needs to be exhibited.


Non-Commercial Galleries

There are often smaller galleries that’ll levy for renting the space and or their service to sit the artwork display for you. They’re usually the most costly galleries to rent. Non-commercial galleries will help publicize the opening, but they’re normally not interested in helping to encourage you and your artwork further ahead of the exhibition and the relationship in the short term.

No matter what type of place you’re going to exhibit your photography or artwork, getting professional photo frames will make a lasting impact on the viewer. And, when it comes to the best photo frames for exhibitions, you can always count on Romana Photo Framing, located in Sector 34, Chandigarh. Approach us today to explore our massive selection of exhibition photo frames!



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