Key considerations for choosing the right frame for your print

Without any doubt, a photo frame can transform the entire feeling of any piece of art. Opting for an incorrect frame can make even a Van Gogh look uninteresting. Whereas a precise frame will complete the story of your art the same as the missing piece to the puzzle. Here is what we, at Romana Photo Framing, can tell you after years of owning a business for photo framing in Sector 34 and helping a wide range of people stumble on the right custom frame:

Even though opting for the right frame for a piece of art is simply as much a shrewd procedure as it is a skill, however, as a rule of thumb, the following are a small number of techniques to match a photo frame effectively:

Balancing Opposites

If a photo is absolutely stunning, or bold, or full life in and of itself, a simple frame will always help balance the liveliness of the photo and let the art hold the interest without seeming “too much”. In contrast, if the print is very simple, minimalistic or clear, you can go with a classy gold or a custom photo frame. The ostentation of the frame will facilitate to put up a bigger story around the artwork, making it a part of a bigger scene and making the photo seem more precious.

Colour Matching

When it comes to professional branding or interior decoration, colour matching is one of the most effortless techniques that can be used in every area of creative design. Specifically for photo framing, this approach is where you can take a “sample” colour from the artwork and re-use it in the surrounding frame. With the help of this, a fine uniformity is created between the frame and the photo.

Let us take an instance to be more precise.

In case of a photo of an orange, you would opt for a frame that goes with the orange tenor witnessed in the art work, or the ones that goes with the surrounding of the orange in the photo.

Theme Matching

It is a popular technique for custom photo frames which is similar but dissimilar to colour matching to some extent. The majority of art works have a specific theme. It may be a nature theme, a city theme, a beach theme, or any other. Theme matching is when you opt for a photo frame that goes with the theme of the art on the whole.

A lot of people would wish to make use of a thick wooden frame for a photo of a post fence, or a vivid lustrous frame for art photography of a bowl of candy. This is theme matching: Stumbling on the “motifs, colours, and textures” or the art and utilizing them in the frame itself.

Environment Matching

This is a technique which is a bit unusual from all the other things. Rather than looking at the artwork itself, we hit upon a motivation in the space around the artwork, where it will be put on the show. If a person is aware that the photo will be put on a show in the lobby of a hotel with dark leather chesterfields and luxurious splendid colours, one may possibly decide on a similar style dark reddish brown frame in order to ally with the theme of the environment of the photo.

In spite of everything, it would look out of the ordinary to put a beach themed photo on a piece surrounded by dark leather and traditional styles.

Having said all this regarding techniques to opt for a precise photo frame, we think, at the end of the day, the most excellent approach is: Blending everything mentioned above collectively.

Make an effort to keep every aspect in mind at the time of opting for a photo frame. Dwell on the theme, the colours, the environment and the ways to contrast or balance the photo with the surrounding frame. It is definitely possible!

If truth be told, this can really work wonders, also when the artwork does not line up with the theme or is, in fact, opposing the overall theme of the environment.

However, if you are still confused and not able to opt for the right frame for your wonderful piece of art, never miss to approach the photo framing specialists at Romana Photo Framing. We have years of experience in delivering the most promising solutions for photo framing in Chandigarh.

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