Ways To Perk Up Home Interiors With Photo Frames

Getting your home decorated with the help of custom photo frames or even with empty frames necessitates a tad of planning, a sense of aesthetics, and a style for creativeness. The following are a few ways that can certainly help you perk up your home interiors with photo framing:

Match frame size to picture size

A frame that is very narrow turns out to be lost around a large-scale photo or painting simply as a chunky, ornate, thick frame overwhelms a delicate painting or still life photo. Your selected frame has to balance the work your framing and with custom framing, you do not have to be concerned regarding searching for the correct frame through pre-made options since you have total customization control.

Proper mat width

If you opt for using a mat for your family photo frame, make sure it is wide enough for the photograph. Any mat too narrow will not correctly set off the chosen photo so a good rule to follow is to choose a mat at least twice as wide as the frame. A wider mat is also an option as long as it doesn’t swallow the photograph.

Custom framing specialists at Romana Photo Framing in Sector 34 can do away with the guesswork of mat width as they have extensive knowledge and experience framing all styles and types of art

Contrasting mat

Classic white or cream-colored mats work well for the majority of pieces of art and while the temptation exists to choose a trendy color, you may find yourself unhappy with it once the trend passes. For black and white photographs, pencil sketches, line drawings, and monochromatic artwork, a black mat can create a striking effect. At the time of opting for a mat of contrasting color, make sure the contrast is strong enough that the piece does not disappear in darkness or turn out to be washed out in white.

In order to keep artwork and photographs safe from fading, it’s best to limit their exposure to direct sunlight, no matter what type of glass you select.

Matching for Custom Framing

Even on a gallery wall, you do not always require hanging everything in matching custom photo frames. The frame needs to match the artwork first and if a particular framed piece doesn’t seem to fit among others, find a better location for it and switch something else in. Having the piece finished with custom framing provides you with the capability of getting the correct spot where it complements surrounding artwork and decor.

Creating the right display

After you’ve got the artwork or photograph set with a suitable photo framing, the next step of displaying it properly should be much easier and with the right attitude, it can be a fun process. If you are really stressed with getting the décor arranged, you can think about hiring an interior design specialist to put the custom framed pieces on show, but doing it yourself can be an ideal approach to imbue a space with your unique personality and perspective.

Similar but not identical – Framed photos or artwork of similar size or with similar but not identical frames in a grouping can have a collage appearance that you can add onto with additional pieces finished with custom framing.

At Romana Photo Framing in Sector 34-C, Chandigarh, our team of specialists offers you infinite options when you integrate the interior design and getting the correct premium photo frame to ensure your photo maximizes everything.

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